What is personal assistance?

On the 1st of January 1994 LSS (the Law regulating Support and Service to Persons with Certain Functional Disabilities) was put into effect and changed the lives of thousands of people with different functional disabilities. People who previously had been banished to institutions or in other ways isolated or excluded from civilization were now suddenly given completely new possibilities. The idea behind LSS was to facilitate ”the everyday life” for everyone with a lasting physical or mental disability and give them the opportunity to live like everybody else.

Before this law existed people with a functional disability were often completely at the mercy of other people’s, often their relatives’, good will and capacity to be there for them. LSS simply gave thousands of people the opportunity to live better and with more freedom, thanks to the possibility of personal assistance.


But who can actually get personal assistance and how does one go about getting it?

Everyone up to the age of 65 who are judged as being part of one of the three so called circles of people within LSS, have the right to apply for personal assistance. An application has to be submitted before the applicant has turned 65 and the person who has been granted assistance may keep it even after the age of 65. The tree circles of people are valid for:

  • neurodevelopmental disorder, autism or similar conditions,
  • with significant and lasting intellectual functional disabilities after brain damage as an adult caused by external violence, bodily disease or
  • with other lasting physical or mental functional disabilities which evidently are not caused by normal aging, if they are serious and lead to significant difficulties in the everyday and thus an extensive need of support or service.

If you meet any of these requirements you could be eligible for personal assistance.


In order to receive a decision, you first need to file an application. We can help you with this and also provide a lawyer in some cases. In addition to this we can help you get hold of a medical certificate and help prepare for the meeting with the Swedish social insurance agency (Försäkringskassan) or your municipality.

Then, based on your needs, an inquiry is made by the municipality and/or Försäkringskassan. You will then get to meet a case worker in order to examine what the need for help is. To be granted compensation for assistance through Försäkringskassan you need to be deemed to be in need of assistance with basic needs with a total of at least 20 hours a week. Basic needs are personal hygiene, meals, dressing and undressing, communication with others and other help that needs close knowledge about you and your functional disability.

You can also be granted personal assistance through the municipality even if you do not reach 20 hours in basic needs. Once you have been granted the right to personal assistance for basic needs you should also be granted personal assistance for other needs that are necessary in order to sustain your everyday living.

If you prefer, we can go through the decision together with you, based on our experience and knowledge. After that we can have a discussion about your needs, prerequisites and preferences so that we will be able to provide the best possible personal assistance. Of course you, being a relative, are welcome to be part of the entire process. The most important thing to us is to be able help provide a sense of security and a functional everyday for all our customers and their families.

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