Are you looking for personal assistance in Stockholm and the surrounding area? With us at Lystra, you or your relatives can get help. We at Lystra personal assistance work as an enabler, so that our customers can live a normal life. Contact us if you want to know more.
That is why you should choose us as an assistance company in Stockholm

We have a strong set of values ​​to stand on, which safeguards our customers’ right to a normal life – with integrity and without cues. Our task is to provide the opportunity for a good and meaningful life, not to have opinions about our customers’ choices. We are an extended arm that can assist with training, socializing or maintaining personal hygiene – as needed. Because there is such a close relationship between customer and assistant, it is important that personal chemistry is correct. We are therefore careful to let you as a customer choose for yourself.


The Stockholm office is one of several offices within Lystra personal assistance. We are located all over the country, and you can see in which other places we are in the menu here on the website. Our way of working and values ​​are the same in all offices. Our ambition is to work with a tight organization between the offices and the assistants. Above you can see who works in the office at our assistance company in Stockholm.


Have you worked as a personal assistant before? Are you completely new to the profession? Regardless, you can contact us if you are interested in strengthening our team. The profession is not for everyone, but the right person can do great good in the lives of others and their own. You work very close to the customers, and you will have a special relationship. You work with people with physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, stroke sufferers and traffic injuries. For you as an assistant, it is important to adapt to a person in a vulnerable situation, something that requires personal suitability. Contact us if you want to know more.