Values & principles

Lystra’s values ​​are based on the words…
Knowledge – Joy – Trust

Lystra’s values ​​are based on the wordsThrough knowledge, responsibility and trust, Lystra must safeguard to stand up for how society’s security reforms were intended from the beginning, based on the individual’s wishes and rights.

Lystra has the ambition to work to ensure that people work together and that they are treated in a respectful way, regardless of disability, cultural background or socio-economic conditions.

Lystra’s mission

“Everyone should have the right to live and not just survive!
It is the basis of Lystra’s mission which means that…

  • Lystra contributes to giving its customers the conditions for a good life.
  • Lystra is an attractive employer for assistants and salaried employees.
  • Lystra creates and develops natural and good relationships with customers and partners.
    It is important that Lystra is good at focusing on customers’ needs and can offer the right services at the right time.
  • Listening makes a difference in everyday life for customers.
  • Lystra is part of a group that should be perceived as close to the company.
  • Lystra offers services that make us unique in the market.
  • Lystra sees every individual, both customer and employee.
    A good everyday life
    A good everyday life where customers can live and not just survive is the foundation of Lystra’s business.
  • This means that customers can be involved and influence their everyday lives.
  • It should be an everyday life where employees are inspired to create well-being and joy of life together with the customer. It is an everyday life where regular contacts between the customer, the assistants and other support functions work.
  • Lystra conducts a demanding and responsible business. It also means that those who work within Lystra do so as a team, where employees take responsibility for decisions made, both individually and collectively. It contributes to 100 percent loyalty to each other and the group.
  • It is natural that customers and employees are invited to influence their everyday lives in the Group.

Here, Lystra’s values ​​are a foundation: Knowledge – Joy – Trust

We promise…

  • that Lystra is easy to find, easy to contact and give a good overall impression.
  • a friendly and professional atmosphere.
  • to be a reliable and accessible partner who identifies and cares about the customer’s needs.
  • that the assistance is provided with high quality and by knowledgeable professionals.
  • to earn your trust by performing accurate and cost-effective assistance that is characterized by security, trust and knowledge.
  • to be sensitive to the opinions and views of customers and employees.
  • to have a high environmental awareness in the business.

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