We are a personal assistance service provider with great personal assistants.

At Lystra, we are aware that our assistance is only as good as our customer’s experience it every day. Therefore, “great personal assistance” is a service that our dedicated team strive to deliver to our customers daily. In order to offer the best possible service, we have built a strong team capable of creating and ensuring quality assistance for each individual customer.

We also believe that expertise are something everyone can acquire with the right drive and attitude. Therefore, good basic values are a prerequisite for anyone working at Lystra’s personal assistance service. With us, you’ll find experienced personal assistants with solid knowledge within LSS and personal assistance, with great skills and their hearts in the right place.

Below you will find an introduction to our employees under their respective departments.

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    Customer representative

    Christina Melin, uppdragschef på Lystra Assistans

    Christina Melin

    Customer Representative

    Susanne Carlson Kjellberg

    Customer Representative

    Board of Directors

    Mathias Blomberg


    Thomas Rönnquist

    Board member

    Filip Lind

    Board member

    Niklas Nordström

    Board member

    Operations Management

    Fatima Iramdane

    Fatima Iramdane

    Business area manager assistance

    Daniel Jönsson

    Business Development Manager / Sales

    Veronica Stjärnström

    Business Development / Sales

    Hussein Jabbari

    HR Director

    Jesper Gullstrand

    Assistant HR Manager

    Niklas Wester

    CFO / Chief Financial Officer

    Christina Melin, uppdragschef på Lystra Assistans

    Christina Melin

    Assistant Marketing Manager


    Anders Hansson, informatör på Lystra Assistans

    Anders Hansson

    Communications manager