Integrity Policy

What does GDPR mean for me as an employee?

When you are hired at Lystra, you will have to provide us with some information. This information is usually your full name, personal identification number, contact information, bank account details, information about your salary and benefits, and in some cases; which union you belong to, as well as contact details of your next of kin. During your employment, we will also collect other relevant information, such as details about implementation of the employment, any sick leave and, when necessary, other information about your health. We may also request other valued information about you, such as work reviews. If you, as an employee of Lystra, are applying for another internal job, you will also submit information in the application documents and we may request references. We may also make notes of which internal training courses you have completed. If you are using a company car, this may constitute in a broad sense as personal information. We may also use any pictures of you that have been taken by us. We can also collect any information regarding the logs when IT tools have been used.

For which purposes will we use your personal information?

All collection and processing of your personal information is used to administrate employment conditions and fulfil our obligations to you as an employee. This allows us to comply with the applied legislation and the official decisions made by the government, and also lead and develop the corporation in the best way possible.

To be able to implement our agreement with you or to take pre-contractual measures at your request, we process your personal information for the following purposes:

  • We will treat your name, username, personal identification number, your contact details, bank account details and information about your salary and benefits, with the purpose of administrating the conditions of the employment, such as: make salary payments and verify your time reports to the municipality and the Social Insurance Agency. The collection of your personal identification number is needed for the purpose of processing, i.e. to administrate the employment conditions and provide various authorities, such as the Swedish Tax Agency and the Social Insurance Agency, with information.
 In connection with performance, we may come to use information in reviews and other valued details about you, in the capacity needed for the conditions of employment.
  • We will collect information from your application process, interview notes and information from references, when you apply for a new position at Lystra.

We may process your personal information, after a weighing of interest, for the following purposes:

  • We may use information about your performances, if needed, to plan, organise, lead and follow up on the work.
  • For employment with an adult client, a Police Check or an excerpt from Lexbase is needed. This excerpt is read and a check is made, and only the date is noted (the documents are not kept digitally) and is thereafter thrown out.
  • If you have chosen to provide contact details for a next of kin, this information may be used to contact them in case of emergency or illness.
  • We reserve the right to publish your name and contact details in the form of an email address and phone number in Lystra’s internal leadership/operation systems to facilitate contact between employees within their group or department.
  • If there is suspicion of IT equipment being used disloyally, criminally and against Lystra’s policies and guidelines, Lystra may monitor the usage of application and equipment, such as internet usage and emails. To be able to perform this monitoring, your log in information may be used. Our rightful interests lie in our desire to control how our work tools are being used and how Lystra’s rules are being followed.
  • We may process log ins from the usage of, e.g. IT tools and passage systems, to oversee technical systems for security reasons.

If you have given your approval, the following personal information is being used for the following reasons:

  • With your approval, we will publish your name and picture on Lystra’s external website and in our marketing communication, for instance: ads, mailings and brochures.

Due to legal obligations, we will process your personal information for the following reasons:

  • We process your name and personal identification number, as well as your salary information, to account for taxes and social charges, as well as payment of pension charges and group life fees.

We may use your personal data, based on obligations and rights of labour law, for the following reasons:

  • We may process sensitive information about you, such as information about your health, i.e. illness, in order to account for sick pay, investigate absence and to initiate an investigation into rehabilitation, if needed. We may also process information about suspected addictions to be able to take appropriate measures, such as a treatment agreement.
  • We may use sensitive information, such as details about your health, to adhere to the requirements set by the safety legislation.
  • We may use sensitive information, such as which union you belong to, so we are able to fulfil obligations to negotiation processes in accordance to the law about co-determination in the work place and to administer membership fees on behalf of Kommunal and Vision.

We will process your personal data to claim legal interests for the following purposes:

  • We may process information, such as your name, personal identification number and any sensitive information, such as which union you belong to and health details, if necessary, to be able to investigate or defend legal interests.

We will use your personal details to fulfil legal obligations for the following purposes:

  • We may also process your details if treatment is deemed necessary to fulfil applied legal obligations, decisions made by authorities and other legal obligations concerning relevant corporations within Lystra. We may need, for instance, to save some information to be able to fulfil our accounting obligations.
  • According to the regulation regarding police checks, every employer has the right to the information about every person the company is intending to hire. A requested police check is made with every new employment at Lystra Personal Assistance.
  • For employment with an underage client – The police check is saved digitally in Tidvis for two years (a reminder is sent out when a renewal is due) according to statute (2010:479) 4 §.
If Lystra considers a control of certain information to be in the employer’s interest, a trade-off is made where the interest of the employer, as a protection against a violation of personal integrity, is taken into consideration before any check is made and the essential requirements in the data protection foundation is applied.

How long do we keep your personal data?

How long Lystra keeps your personal information depends on which purpose the information is being processed for. We do not save your information longer than we have the right to according to the data protection foundation, any other relevant legislation, rules and guidelines from various authorities and/or recommendations from industry internal authorities. Generally, we will save your personal data for as long as you are an employee at Lystra and, in some cases, longer to fulfil legal obligations as act or agreement. We have listed a few examples of how long we keep your personal information below.

  • If you have given your consent to a certain usage, we will save the details during the time we process them for the purpose to which you have given consent.
  • Sensitive personal details, such as information on sick leave and health conditions, generally won’t be saved for more than three years.
  • Your email account, as well as information on you as an employee at Lystra’s webpages and intranet, will be deleted two months after the end of your employment.
  • If you have applied for a new job at Lystra, we will save your resumé, notes taken at your interview and details given to us by your references. After three months, you will be asked whether you would like your profile at Team Tailor to be deleted or not. If so, all your recruitment details will be deleted on your request.
  • To be able to fulfil duties, such as pension contributions, references and employer certificates, we will save certain limited information about you after your employment has ended, such as your name, personal identification number, contact details, time of employment, as well as how your employment was terminated.

Who has access to your personal data?

Firstly, your personal data is only being processed by relevant departments within Lystra. When we share information with relevant departments within Lystra, the receiving party is generally a personal data assistant who processes your information for us. We share your information with Lystra employees who handle the pay administration, amongst other things. We also share the information with other industry third parties and personal data assistants that we hire for data storage and other data management. The personal data assistants have no legal right to use personal information, and Lystra and the supplier have a contract, which is in agreement with personal data processing.

Lystra may also share information with third parties responsible for processing your personal data themselves, such as Pension and Insurance companies. Authorities may be eligible to take part of this information, if necessary, as they have a legal right to it. These authorities include the Swedish Tax Agency and the Social Insurance Agency.

About cookies

When visiting our website, a file is saved on the computer, smartphone or tablet that you are using. This is used to customise your experience, as well as provide us with certain information.

Examples of the types of information that cookies provide us with:

  • IP numbers, which are used to distinguish different users.
  • Your settings, i.e. which language you have chosen on the website.
  • Web history. This allows us to see which website brought you to ours.

These cookies are used strictly for informational purposes and we will never give this information out to third parties. You are able to block the usage of cookies and delete them off your computer if you desire.

About the contact form on our website

The information submitted on the web form is handled in accordance with current statutes and legislation. We will use the information you have provided to contact you. If we do not receive your consent to contact you, the information will be deleted. This information will not be used for other purposes, nor will it be given to third parties.

How do we protect your personal data?

We, along with our collaborating partners, have taken several security measures to ensure that your personal information, which we process, is being protected. The information is securely stored, the backups are encrypted and our security protocols are in store to reduce the risk of digital intrusions. Our employees have strict instructions to handle all information in accordance with the current legislations, statutes and policies. The only people given access to the systems where personal information is stored, are the ones who need it. All data is protected with rules of access. This is regularly analysed internally and externally to identify and correct any weaknesses.

Your personal data is generally only processed within the EES. In the few cases when the information is being processed outside the EES, this is done in accordance with current data protection legislations.

How can you influence our processing of your personal data?

You have the right to recall the whole or part of your consent of our processing of your personal data at any time. The recall of your consent does not, however, change anything in the processing of your personal data before the recall took place.

In some circumstances, you may also have the right to demand that your personal data gets deleted or limited, as well as object against our process. You may also, in some circumstances, have the right to obtain the personal information that you have provided us with in a structured, widely used and machine readable format, as well as the right to transfer this information to a different personal data accountable (data portability).

You also have the right to make complaints to the Swedish Integrity Protection Agency or another certificated regulator, which exercises supervision on companies’ processing of personal data.

You will never be forced to give information to Lystra, but if you don’t, we are not able to enter or complete an agreement with you as an employee. Some of the information is, however, voluntary and, depending on your work duties, you also have the right to choose some of the information being displayed. You can often choose for yourself if you, for instance, don’t want your picture on the website, unless you are a salesperson within the company and if a driver’s licence isn’t necessary in your work.

Contact information

If you want to exercise your rights, you can post a letter to Lystra at the address:
Södra Långgatan 23
169 59 Solna
Attention: Integritet.

You can also send an email to Lystra at
If you have any questions regarding our process of personal data, you are also welcome to call our data protection officer Jesper Gullstrand on 023-383 14 03.

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