About Lystra


In 1994 the LSS reform changed the lives of many people with disabilities. LSS made it possible to live, not just survive, with one’s disability, thanks to new opportunities for obtaining personal assistance and an essentially new view on what life can and should look like for someone in need of support.

The ambition of LSS was good and so was the legislation, but sadly less scrupulous companies and individuals have abused the reform which has led to a lively debate about how the money should actually be used. When foreign venture capital companies have increased their shares in private assistance companies, the focus has shifted to who actually makes the most from the assistance and whether or not private performers should be allowed in welfare at all. During the past several years and at an increasingly faster rate, the ignorance and an unhealthy focus on reducing the cost of LSS for the responsible politicians, led to a more and more strict implementation which, in the end, negatively affects the individual with a disability.

We want the LSS reform to continue to benefit the individuals with disabilities and think that the freedom of choice that the private sector can offer is something very important. We know that it is possible to conduct a sustainable assistance enterprise, with everything in order, without cheating and with a focus on the customer’s right to actually live and not only survive. We believe in the need of setting a good example.

What are we here for?

Lystra personal assistance was created from the will to really stand for the reform as it was originally intended, without excess and unreasonable financial gain. In addition, without tax evasion, tax havens or cheating, and with a focus on the customer’s right to live like other people, according to their capacity. To live and not only survive, as mentioned previously.

We know that as a private assistance provider we can carry out good personal assistance in full agreement with the laws and regulations that currentyl exist. To us welfare isn’t a cash cow that should be milked to the last drop, to us welfare is a matter of fate: an important component in a functioning society.
Good examples are needed, not only in the debate about welfare but also in the welfare system itself. We are, and intend to continue to be, one of those good examples. It is our entire purpose, our raison d’être as a company.

How do we do it?

We understand that the basis of good personal assistance is accomplished by listening to The client’s wishes, volition and how the client wants to live their life. Our customers and assistants should always experience a feeling of security with us, as assistance providers and employers, or whether you are a customer, family or an employee, we want to contribute to creating a good life for you based on your prerequisites.

Our entire operation – everything we do – is built upon experience, knowledge, awareness and security. By handpicking staff and partners with unique competencies, Lystra creates a safe haven that provides our clients with the necessary conditions for quality personal assistance. As with most successful enterprises we know that our staff is our biggest and most important resource.

Respecting each other and each other’s values is an important part of our work ethics, but in order to create good assistance it is equally important that we as a company, our co-workers and you as a customer all stand on common ground about what good assistance actually is. It is of equal importance that we together see the LSS reform as something that we want to keep and honor in order to reach its goal: a good life for everyone.

Because each and everyone has the right to live. Not only survive.

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