Assistance with heart and brain

We understand that the foundation of great Personal Assistance lies in attending to your wishes, and the way you want to live your life. Our customers and assistants should always feel safe with us as a coordinator and employer. Regardless of whether you are a customer, relative or employee we want to help create a great life according to your expectations.
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Lystra model

Lystra has an appreciated working method in six steps, which begins with the first contact with the customer and continues to a meaningful everyday life with good personal assistance. We call this Lystramodellen.

Contact Us

We are always available for you as a customer or assistant! During the day you can contact us at the office near you.
Other times (17.00-08.00 Monday – Friday and 15.00–07.30 weekends) we are on call: 010-330 22 42

Lystras overall concept for assistance with quality of life

There are many assistance companies in Sweden. We at Lystra stand out through our total concept for personal assistance with security and increased quality of life.

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